What type of teeth veneers are best for La Crescenta, CA smiles?

Men and women in La Crescenta, CA trust Dr. Carlos Garcia for teeth veneers that bring stunning symmetry to their smiles.

Think about a person you know with a truly standout smile. What makes it different from other, nice smiles? It probably has symmetry, balance, and color that does not compromise its unique character. That is the difference teeth veneers can make for those who aren’t lucky enough to have naturally perfect teeth. Since 1997, Dr. Carlos Garcia has been helping patients in the La Crescenta, CA area love their smiles with tailored cosmetic dental treatments.  When veneers are a good choice  A veneer is a thin shell of dental ceramic. It is bonded to the front surface of an anterior … Continue reading

Dr. Garcia gives cosmetic dental care advice to Montrose, CA patients

Dr. Carlos Garcia urges Montrose, CA patients to use caution with DIY teeth whitening.

Our culture is in a DIY craze. We are trying our hands at everything from repurposing pallets into furniture, to kitchen makeovers, automotive repairs, and cake decorating. Yet some things are better left to professionals. Cosmetic dental care is a good example. Dr. Carlos Garcia shares this sound advice for Bright Smiles Dental Studio patients in the Montrose, CA area. The teeth whitening trend Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments, and for good reason. It is an economical way to brighten your whole look. This is how professional in-office teeth whitening works: After you are … Continue reading

Tooth implant treatment creates natural looking smiles in Montrose, CA

Dr. Carlos Garcia helps patients in Montrose, CA enjoy natural appearance and restored function with tooth implant treatment.

When people see a smile with a tooth missing, they subconsciously make judgments – about health, hygiene, lifestyle, and finance. It might not be fair or accurate, but it happens. A complete smile that looks natural presents a confident, pulled-together image. Dr. Carlos Garcia often suggests tooth implant treatment to his patients in the Montrose, CA area. Long-lasting tooth replacement  It is important to replace missing teeth. Otherwise, healthy teeth will shift out of position, creating misalignment that contributes to gum disease and tooth decay. Gaps and crooked teeth also affect digestion, clear speech, and the look of your whole … Continue reading

Comprehensive cosmetic dental care in Glendale for a beautiful smile

Bright Smiles Dental Studio is a comprehensive cosmetic dental care in Glendale for a beautiful smile.

Cosmetic dental care includes services for your teeth that are designed to give you an attractive smile. These treatments can be used to correct missing, misaligned, or discolored teeth, or to fill the spaces between them. Cosmetic dental care in Glendale, CA includes a variety of treatments, that are used by patients to enhance their smiles. These dental treatments can safely and efficiently address minor to severe problems with your teeth, if you choose the right cosmetic dentist. TEETH WHITENING Teeth whitening treatment from a professional can be an excellent way to have a sparkling smile, or to remove stains … Continue reading

Glendale, CA dentist loves showing patients the benefits of teeth bonding!

Benefits of Teeth Bonding, Bright Smiles Dental Studio

Our smile is often the very first thing people notice about us. Studies show that first impressions are formed largely based on the appearance of our smile. If you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your smile, it can affect all aspects of your life, from getting that job promotion to receiving a call for a second date. Bright Smiles Dental Studio, serving Glendale, CA residents, believes strongly in the power of the smile. It’s why we offer individualized treatment plans to enhance your smile. One of the solutions we love is teeth bonding. We believe the benefits of this … Continue reading

Glendale dentist uses teeth whitening lights for a safe and quick smile rehab!

teeth whitening lights for a safe and quick smile rehab

Are you looking for a way to look years younger but don’t want to worry about chemicals, injections, fad treatments or surgery? One of the quickest, safest, easiest, and most cost-effective ways is with a teeth whitening treatment. Bright Smiles Dental Studio, located in Glendale, CA, wants you to look and feel great. That’s why we offer teeth whitening treatments using a special light to speed and enhance the whitening process. It’s called Zoom! It’s guaranteed to dramatically lighten your smile in minutes. The Zoom! Teeth Whitening System: Unlike drugstore teeth whitening treatments, Zoom! offers professional customization. That’s because a … Continue reading

Glendale dentist helps answer the question, “do porcelain veneers look natural?”

do porcelain veneers look natural

Everyone wants a beautiful smile! There’s just something about knowing your smile is gorgeous and healthy that leaves you with a sense of contented well-being. Bright Smiles Dental Studio, located in Glendale, CA, understands this! We want to help patients leave our office feeling better than when they came in. That’s one of the reasons we offer cosmetic dental services. One of the options we love the most is porcelain veneers. Some people worry that veneers will give them an artificial-looking smile. We have found that our veneers look so natural that no one even guesses they’re there! What are … Continue reading

Tooth implant surgery is nothing to fear in CA

Tooth Implant Surgery in CA

Dental implants are one of the most important advances in modern dentistry. An implant is the only tooth replacement option that can last a lifetime; looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth; and helps to avoid loss of facial bone. Yet some patients are apprehensive because tooth implant placement is an oral surgery. Dr. Carlos Garcia at Bright Smiles Dental Studio in Glendale, CA soothes those concerns with this information. Implant background A removable denture or a fixed bridge sits on top of gum tissue. A dental implant is a tiny screw made of biocompatible material. It resides in … Continue reading

Dentist in CA demystifies general anesthesia and sedation dentistry

General Sedation Dentistry in CA

Sedation has been part of dentistry since the mid-1800s. Yet there are many misperceptions about general anesthesia and sedation dentistry. Dr. Carlos Garcia shares this insight to help patients in CA area make informed care decisions. Myth #1 – Sedation blocks pain Sedation induces a sense of peaceful relaxation or sleep. It calms anxiety centers in the brain, but it does not block or stop pain. Local numbing is used in conjunction with sedation. Dr. Garcia offers three types of sedation: Nitrous oxide – Inhaled gas produces a carefree emotional state quickly. It is a good choice for pediatric patients … Continue reading

Choosing a local dentist in Glendale, CA

Dr. Carlos Garcia is one of the best local dentist in Glendale, CA area

Are you new to the Glendale, CA area or simply looking for a local dentist who is a better match for your needs? A little time spent in the selection process can pay big dividends in oral health, wellness, appearance, and peace of mind. Five steps to a good fit List priorities – Are you looking for one dentist to treat multiple members of your family? Maybe you are considering cosmetic treatments, or need to catch up restorative work such as fillings, crowns, or dental implants. Start searching – Begin with a general internet search, such as “dentist Glendale, CA.” Scroll through … Continue reading


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Dr. Carlos C. Garcia is a leading dentist in Glendale CA. Having first earned a DDS from Brazil’s prestigious State University of Rio de Janeiro in 1997, he received his license to practice there. Dr. Garcia then attended the University of Southern California’s School of Dentistry where he earned a dual DDS degree. Not only did he graduate with honors at both institutions but has also served as a teaching assistant! Today, with over twenty-three years of experience as a general and cosmetic dentist, he prides in providing quality dental care experiences to his Glendale patients through Bright Smiles Dental Studio. His specialty lies in dental implants, complex smile makeovers, and full mouth restorations using modern and innovative technologies and techniques. Dr. Garcia has been nominated for membership in the American Association for the Advancement of Science; Science Program for Excellence in Science.

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