Glendale dentist helps answer the question, “do porcelain veneers look natural?”

Everyone wants a beautiful smile! There’s just something about knowing your smile is gorgeous and healthy that leaves you with a sense of contented well-being. Bright Smiles Dental Studio, located in Glendale, CA, understands this! We want to help patients leave our office feeling better than when they came in. That’s one of the reasons we offer cosmetic dental services. One of the options we love the most is porcelain veneers. Some people worry that veneers will give them an artificial-looking smile. We have found that our veneers look so natural that no one even guesses they’re there!

What are porcelain veneers?

To understand why we love this premier cosmetic dental treatment, it’s necessary to understand exactly what makes veneers so special. Our veneers are crafted from materials that closely resemble tooth enamel. They are wafer-thin, so they slide over your existing teeth and are bonded into place. Because of their size and the materials that are used to make them, they are wonderfully designed to help cover stained teeth, fractured teeth, close gaps, and correct the appearance of minor misalignment issues.

Benefits of veneers:

  • Natural-looking: We carefully design your veneers to match the rest of your smile, from the color of the material used to their size and shape.
  • Protects your teeth: Veneers are great at keeping teeth with chips or cracks from breaking further. They provide a hard shell around them. This keeps your teeth from needing extensive dental work.
  • Easy to care for: Taking care of your veneers is no harder than the excellent oral hygiene routine recommended to keep your smile beautiful and healthy.
  • Long-lasting: Veneers last for years.


What sets Bright Smiles Dental Studio apart:

Dr. Carlos Garcia has built a practice that emphasizes the patient. Whether it’s the genuine warmth we greet everyone with, or the comprehensive care, patients go away amazed at the professionalism of both our dentists and the state of the art technology we employ to help make your dental experience one of comfort and quality. Get your lifetime of beautiful smiles! (818) 290-8788 .


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I got a root canal!!! I was so nervous but the entire staff made this more than bearable. I just love Dr. Garcia. He is so gentle and explains everything as its happening. best of all NO PAIN! Thank you family.
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