Dental Fun Facts

Let’s have some fun with dentistry!

Dental factoids

  • Americans spend more than $100 million each year on hair products – but only $2 million on dental care items.
  • Credit for one of the most inventive prison breaks in history goes to a West Virginia man. In 1994, he used braided dental floss to make a rope that aided in his successful escape.
  • Half of the people you encounter today will notice your smile more than any other facial feature.
  • How much does an elephant’s tooth weigh? About six pounds.
  • If you are like most people, you will spend more than 38 days of your life brushing your teeth.
  • One third of Americans have untreated tooth decay. Please schedule a dental checkup!
  • Want to increase your life expectancy by six years? Floss daily.
  • You use five to 53 facial muscles to smile.
  • Your teeth are one of a kind – as unique as your fingerprints.


True or False?

Blue is the most popular toothbrush color.
True! Sales of blue toothbrushes outnumber red.

The first president of the United States, George Washington, had dentures made of wood.
False! Contrary to popular belief, the stateman’s replacement teeth were a unique combination of ivory, gold, and lead, with bits of human, donkey, and hippopotamus dentition.

There is no benefit to treating cavities in baby teeth
False! Tooth decay can cause great discomfort and embarrassment to a child. Cavities can lead to bad breath or infection. Baby teeth are “place keepers” for adult teeth, so it is vitally important to keep them healthy.

Sugar causes cavities.
True and false! As soon as you eat or drink something sweet, sugar left behind begins to attack tooth enamel. However, oral bacteria feast on sweets and excrete acids. They are the real culprits of tooth decay.


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