Tooth implant treatment creates natural looking smiles in Montrose, CA

When people see a smile with a tooth missing, they subconsciously make judgments – about health, hygiene, lifestyle, and finance. It might not be fair or accurate, but it happens. A complete smile that looks natural presents a confident, pulled-together image. Dr. Carlos Garcia often suggests tooth implant treatment to his patients in the Montrose, CA area.

Long-lasting tooth replacement 

It is important to replace missing teeth. Otherwise, healthy teeth will shift out of position, creating misalignment that contributes to gum disease and tooth decay. Gaps and crooked teeth also affect digestion, clear speech, and the look of your whole face.

A partial denture or a bridge can do the job. However, they are dental prosthetics that sit on top of gum tissue. Either will hold an artificial tooth in the place of one that is missing, but they do not become part of your body.

A dental implant is a small post made of strong, biocompatible material placed into the jawbone. As bone fuses with the implant, it replaces the root of the missing tooth, forming a solid foundation for a porcelain crown. 

Do tooth implants look real? 

This question is often posed to Dr. Garcia by patients considering treatment options, since appearance is a concern. No other tooth replacement method looks more natural than an implant. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Self-supporting – An implant restoration is stabilized beneath the gum line, with no metal clips showing.
  • Secure – An implant does not wobble or slip.
  • Gum health – With good hygiene, gums stay pink and vital around the implant, avoiding a visible line where the crown meets soft tissues.
  • Realistic crown – The crown is precision crafted of lustrous porcelain. It has translucency similar to natural tooth structure and is meticulously shaded to match existing teeth.
  • Facial support – Each tooth root provides stimulation that keeps facial bone from diminishing. Tooth implants mimic that function, helping to keep the lower portion of the face full and youthful looking.

Don’t let a gap mar your beautiful smile. Call the dentist Montrose, CA families trust for tooth implant treatment – Dr. Carlos Garcia at (818) 290-8788 .

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