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Benefits of Teeth Bonding, Bright Smiles Dental Studio

Our smile is often the very first thing people notice about us. Studies show that first impressions are formed largely based on the appearance of our smile. If you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your smile, it can affect all aspects of your life, from getting that job promotion to receiving a call for a second date. Bright Smiles Dental Studio, serving Glendale, CA residents, believes strongly in the power of the smile. It’s why we offer individualized treatment plans to enhance your smile. One of the solutions we love is teeth bonding. We believe the benefits of this procedure make the cost well worth it!

What dental bonding is:

This procedure uses tooth-colored resin to improve smiles. The resin is a durable plastic and powdered glass material that can be matched to your natural enamel. It’s applied to your teeth, then hardened with a light or laser.

What bonding is used to correct:

  • Repairs decayed teeth (the resin can be used to fill a cavity).
  • Closes spaces between teeth.
  • Can lengthen short teeth.
  • Protects exposed tooth roots.
  • Repairs chipped or cracked teeth.
  • Corrects stained teeth that are resistant to whitening treatments.
  • Changes the shape of the teeth.


Benefits of dental bonding:

Dental Bonding, Bright Smiles Dental Studio

  • Cost-effective: This procedure is often considered one of the least expensive cosmetic dental procedures. in some cases. it can have the same effect as veneers or crowns but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Quick: Dental bonding can be completed in as little as one dental visit, with no follow-up visits necessary.
  • Non-invasive: Often, even local anesthesia is unnecessary for dental bonding treatments.
  • Easy to care for: Bonded teeth don’t require special care. You need to create and maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine. This can be done by brushing twice daily, flossing at least once daily, rinsing with antiseptic mouthwash, and maintaining your schedule of regular dental cleanings.
  • Long-lasting: Dental bonding solutions are long-lasting with good oral hygiene.


The procedure used to bond your teeth:

This process is simple. After an individual consultation during which we determine that this is the best treatment for your needs, lifestyle and budget, we will use a shade guide to select a resin color that closely matches your tooth. Next, we will roughen your tooth’s surface and apply a conditioning liquid. Then, the putty-like resin is molded and smoothed to the desired shape. At this point, the resin is hardened utilizing a bright light. We then finish trimming and shaping it. At the end, we give it a good polish to match the natural sheen of your tooth enamel.

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Reasons why Bright Smiles Dental Studio is the place for you:

Nervous patients feel comfortable, Bright Smiles Dental Studio

  • We were voted 2015 Finest Dentist by Crescenta Valley Weekly
  • We work hard to put even the most nervous patient at ease!
  • We’re multi-lingual! We can converse and serve our patients comfortably speaking Spanish, Armenian, Portuguese, Italian, or Farsi.
  • Individualized treatment: We take our time with each patient. You’re our top priority during your appointment time. This shows in our unhurried consultations, and helping make your life convenient through the array of services offered.
  • Weekend hours: To better serve the community’s dental needs, we provide Saturday appointments. We don’t want you to feel stressed about missing weekday commitments.
  • Sedation dentistry: To help even our most nervous patients feel comfortable, we offer sedation. This also is beneficial to patients that need extensive work done, as more can be completed in one visit, saving your precious time!
  • Inclusiveness: Not only do we speak multiple languages, we also serve patients of all ages, from the very smallest to the oldest, and we don’t turn anyone away regardless of insurance status.

Don’t let self-consciousness about your smile hold you back in life! Call us today to schedule your individualized consultation to get started on your brand-new smile. You will interact differently with the world after cosmetic treatment. We promise! (818) 290-8788 .

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