Overcoming barriers with pain free dentistry: Dentist in Glendale answers questions about sedation

with pain free dentistry Dentist in Glendale answers questions about sedation

Dental anxiety keeps countless people from getting the care they need for healthy mouths and gorgeous smiles. Sedation dentistry and pain free treatment go a long way toward breaking down anxiety barriers to good oral health. However, some people still have concerns about sedation. Glendale dentist, Dr. Carlos Garcia answers common questions.


  • Will I need an IV? No. Intravenous sedation is an option at Bright Smiles Dental Studio, but we also offer nitrous oxide, an inhaled gas, and oral sedation in pill form.
  • Will I feel pain? No, but sedation is not an anesthetic. It calms anxiety response in the brain, allowing us to administer numbing without upsetting you.
  • Is it safe? Very. We take extra precautions to be sure there is no counter-indication based on your medical history or current medications. Your vital signs are monitored throughout treatment, and you are not left alone.
  • Will I be unconscious? No. The types of sedation we use help you relax, but they do not “knock you out.” Some patients, however, doze off during treatment.
  • Will I be able to breathe on my own? Absolutely. There is no need for oxygen or a breathing tube.
  • What if I need to use the restroom? Signal any member of our team, and we will guide you safely.
  • Will I be able to let you know if I have discomfort? Yes. Our goal is to provide pain free dentistry, and we verbally check on your wellbeing periodically. However, should you feel any unusual discomfort, you can easily tell us.
  • Will I heal slower? Quite the contrary. When your mind is free of anxiety, your body relaxes. That allows treatment to progress efficiently, reducing tissue trauma for speedier healing.

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Dr Garcia is the best! So gentle & so kind! I have always had trouble with dental and office visits but the staff & Dr Garcia have definitely eased all of my worries. He speaks to you along the way and explains the steps & procedures clearly so you are not feeling lost & scared with different tools coming at you. Amazing office would recommend A+, 10/10!

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