When oral sedation makes sense for patients in Glendale, CA

Oral conscious sedation is a pill that calms the anxiety response in the brain. Various drugs in the Valium family can be prescribed with a high level of safety and effectiveness for most adults. Dr. Carlos Garcia explains when oral sedation is appropriate and beneficial for his dental patients in the Glendale, CA area.

More than “a case of nerves”

One of the most common applications of oral sedation is for patients who are fearful of dental appointments. Dr. Garcia does not take dental phobia lightly. He knows that this valid condition can keep patients from scheduling even routine checkups. He uses oral sedation, along with gentle treatment techniques, to help these individuals get the care they need.

Oral sedation is also advantageous for:

  • Low pain threshold. The body tenses in response to pain. That causes additional tissue trauma, can result in a stiff jaw, and slows healing. Sedation helps to keep the body relaxed.
  • Fear of needles. It is important to understand that sedation is not a pain block. Rather, it calms a patient so local numbing injections can be administered.
  • Difficulty sitting still. Sedation is a good option for the patient with a physical condition that makes it hard to sit for the duration of treatment, or for someone who is quite restless.
  • Sensitive gag reflex. Sedation reduces the reaction to instruments and hands in the mouth.
  • Busy people. Maybe you can’t take time off work for several appointments for complex or multiple procedures. With sedation, the work can usually be completed in one visit.

 Offering oral sedation is just one example of Dr. Garcia’s dedication to the oral wellness of patients in the Glendale, CA area. That commitment extends the latest technologies, range of services provided, and the spirit of warmth and compassion felt throughout the office. Call 818-290-8788.

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