How dental implants treatment helps patients in Montrose, CA look younger

No doubt, you realize that a fashionable haircut and color showcases your youthful energy. You probably wear clothing that reflects your lively style. You likely care for your skin and keep your body fit to look as young as you feel. Have you considered, though, how much missing teeth can age your look? At Bright Smiles Dental Studio, dental implants treatment is one of the ways Dr. Carlos Garcia rejuvenates smiles in the Montrose, CA area.

Characteristics of a youthful smile

Children generally have a full set of baby teeth by age three. These teeth are smooth, pearly white, and have a natural luster. The color of teeth is enhanced by coral pink gum tissue. Lips are plump and expressive. The face has full rounded contours.

In this culture, youth is associated with beauty. When we envision a youthful face, these are among the traits that come to mind.

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What happens when teeth are missing

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You might have a tooth extracted due to abscess or trauma. Some people lose several consecutive teeth (usually the upper front four since they are most prominent) in a fall, sports incident, or vehicle accident. If you have had untreated periodontal disease, you may have lost multiple or even all your natural teeth.

Regardless of the cause, missing teeth add years to your appearance. Let’s look at how and why:

  • Gaps – For primitive man, spaces in the smile were usually the result of a fight, injury, or disease – situations that generally occur with age, rather than to children. It is in our DNA to appreciate a complete set of teeth because it indicates a robust individual who has not lived through these unfortunate circumstances.
  • Crookedness – Just one missing tooth allows its companions to shift out of straight alignment, twist, and overlap. This is the body trying to compensate for the deficiency. Crooked teeth set off a chain of events that ages your smile.
  • Discoloration – It is difficult to keep misaligned teeth clean with normal brushing and flossing. They may take on a dingy tinge or develop brownish deposits on side surfaces.
  • Gum disease and decay – Because of the hygiene challenges presented by crooked teeth, you are more likely to find yourself with gum disease. The term “long in the tooth” is associated with senior citizens, and it refers to gum recession that makes teeth look lengthy. The exposed root surfaces are yellowish by nature, and prone to decay which may look brown, green, or black.
  • Disruption of facial proportions – Natural teeth have roots that stimulate the body to maintain bone structure in the upper and lower jaws. When teeth are lost, this stimulation disappears. Since the body no longer senses a need for strong bone, minerals are resorbed into the blood stream and sent to other areas. Facial bone diminishes. The distance from nose to chin collapses. The face takes on a pinched appearance that causes lips to thin and roll inward, as skin sags on cheeks and jowls.
  • Denture difficulties – Dr. Garcia creates dentures that fit snugly and look good. Lesser quality dentures, however, can be a quick giveaway, in appearance and mannerisms, that is also associated with aging.


How dental implants treatment rejuvenates Montrose, CA faces

Dr. Garcia creates dentures that fit snugly and look good.

Keeping your own teeth for life is the best scenario for preserving a young-looking smile. When that isn’t possible, dental implants are an excellent alternative. A dental implant replaces the root of a missing tooth. Because it is implanted into jaw bone, where it becomes solidly fused, it provides stimulation that preserves facial bone. The implant is finished with a porcelain crown restoration that looks, functions, and feels just like a tooth. It maintains healthy alignment, too.

A span of missing teeth can be replaced with an implant-supported dental bridge. Two implants are placed, at either end of the space. The bridge has crowns cemented over implant abutments, holding artificial teeth in place. This is a good solution for three to five missing teeth in a row.

Do denture slips, clicks, and eating restrictions leave you feeling beyond your years? Implants can help! Usually just four specially designed implants are placed to solidly anchor an entire arch of teeth. Implant-retained dentures let you smile, speak, laugh, sing, kiss, and eat with youthful exuberance.

Give your smile the healthy attention it deserves with dental implants treatment at Bright Smiles Dental Studio, serving the Montrose, CA area. The number is (818) 290-8788 .

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Dr Garcia is the best! So gentle & so kind! I have always had trouble with dental and office visits but the staff & Dr Garcia have definitely eased all of my worries. He speaks to you along the way and explains the steps & procedures clearly so you are not feeling lost & scared with different tools coming at you. Amazing office would recommend A+, 10/10!

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