10 Habits You Are Damaging Your Teeth

Oral hygiene can seem easy to understand but it’s still a health issue that many people struggle with. While hard bristle brushes and brushing frequently can seem like the obvious ways to improve your dental hygiene, you may be committing a dental faux pas that can harm rather than help. According to the most trusted offices and dentist Glendale can offer, there are many habits that people get wrong.

If you are wondering what the top 10 habits that most people make, here’s a look at the habits that damage your teeth below. These are ten of the worst mistakes that people commit when trying to take care of their teeth.

  • Best toothbrush – While most people think that hard bristle toothbrushes can be the best solution for your teeth. After all a firm brush can  help remove the plaque and tartar on your teeth right? Not so according to many groups and dentists in Glendale, who say that the softest brush is best. Harsh brushes can abrade the gumline, which never grows back.
  • Dr. Carlos Garcia, Bright Smiles Dental Studio Image Of Using your teeth as toolsUsing your teeth as tools – There are many people out there that use their teeth as a tool to help them open bags or strip wires. That’s not what your teeth are for, so if it’s not smiling, eating or biting don’t think about using your teeth for the job at hand.
  • Dr. Carlos Garcia, Bright Smiles Dental Studio Image Of Extra rinsingExtra rinsing – It may seem intuitive to rinse multiple times after brushing but that’s not very good for your teeth. When you rinse after brushing this washes off the layer of good fluoride from the toothpaste left on your teeth.
  • Dr. Carlos Garcia, Bright Smiles Dental Studio Image Of Brushing after breakfastBrushing after breakfast – Many people rush to brush their teeth after breakfast because they want to clean their teeth after a long night of sleep. However if you’ve enjoyed orange juice or other acidic drinks during breakfast, this can cause your teeth to become damaged. The acid from these drinks can cause your teeth to lose enamel and soften.
  • Dr. Carlos Garcia, Bright Smiles Dental Studio Image Of Dark colored drinksDark colored drinks – Sodas and other dark colored drinks can cause staining or your teeth to become stained. Stay away from them to help keep your teeth clean and white.
  • Dr. Carlos Garcia, Bright Smiles Dental Studio Image Of Flossing just once a dayFlossing just once a day – There’s no time or reason to limit your flossing sessions. Frequently floss to keep your teeth clean and uncover the bits of food that brushing can’t get to.
  • Dr. Carlos Garcia, Bright Smiles Dental Studio Image Of Snacking too muchSnacking too much – Although it’s common for many people to limit their meals and eat more frequently instead of larger portions, this can cause problems for your dental hygiene. Every time you eat bacteria in your mouth breaks down the food and creates acid which can damage the enamel of your teeth. Brush after each meal and snack to keep damage minimal.
  • Dr. Carlos Garcia, Bright Smiles Dental Studio Image Of Mouth protectionMouth protection – Playing a sport can often mean there’s a real danger to chipping or breaking your teeth. Use a properly rated mouth guard to keep your smile intact and protect your pearly whites.
  • Dr. Carlos Garcia, Bright Smiles Dental Studio Image Of Bottled water dangersBottled water dangers – Many people prefer to drink bottled waters, which will lack the flouride found in tap water. Flouride is important to preventing tooth decay.
  • Hidden sugarsHidden sugars – Health foods or products advertised to be “healthy” for you can often hold hidden sugars that can harm your teeth. Be careful by reviewing the ingredient list of your favorite snack or food.



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